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Send Hill Studios offers a comprehensive range of production facilities from rehearsals through to live streaming. Our engineers are incredibly experienced having worked with an array of artists including Elton John.

Video Production

Any artist’s musical release these days needs a video. It helps gain traction through social media and that important interaction with your audience. We have the facilities to simply have a live stage type video, with lights, effects, and stage dressing. Or we could utilise the four acres that the studio sits in, to let your imaginations fly.

We offer packages to suit all budgets, whether it’s the one song, a whole stage set, or a sizzle reel for events covers bands. If inspiration fails, we have what I suppose you could call a prop room, full of various curios and artefacts, a boat, a tractor, Ray Coopers flight case, orSir Elton John’s piano stool.

You could utilise our editing suite to edit your own footage. With the help of our editor, you’ll have full control to create your vision, using Adobe Premier Pro & After Effects, or Final Cut Pro.

Steve Mitchell - George Michael

Audio Recording & Mixing

We have a full Pro Tools studio with a great selection of plugins, including the new SSL UC1 system. The studio is tied to our large main live room, which can be dry hired or hired with our sound engineer.

We also use, mainly for live streaming, SAC & SAW, a 120 channel low latency mixing & recording system, currently 40 channels are available but eight channel interfaces can be added as required

The studio room also has a voice-over bay, and you’ll have access to various industry standard microphones.

Artist Streaming

Live streaming your band can be a great way to gain new fans, sell more content, and promote your next tour. Whether you’re an established band with a devoted following or an emerging artist looking for exposure for your first gig, live streaming gives you the flexibility to share your talent and music with a limitless audience.

From our experience live streaming has some of the elements of a live show, the initial pressure before go live is not too far removed from stepping out on a live stage. Maybe a live stream isn’t for you, and you would like more control over the show. We could do a pre-record which would enable us to work with you on the edit and mix of the show before streaming it at a later date.

To make your show a little more personal we also offer an informal interview and presenter tv style format, where for example you could chat about your ‘on the road’ stories, your ‘musical influences’ or a bit of ‘ band banter’. These elements make a normal show more engaging for your audience, and adds a little bit of magic. And if you wanted to take it one step further, you could interact with VIP members of the audience, where they could pose the questions directly to you over Zoom, or with a limited number at the studio – The main live room has an eight camera setup with fully DMX managed lighting, monitoring, and audio recording, playback. The room also has a separate relaxed interview area.

Streaming at Send Hill Studios

Rehearsal Studios

The live room is available for rehearsals, for bands up to ten members – there’s easy access for load-in/out. This can be dry hired, or with a full PA, 8 monitor mixes and our trusty sound engineer.


Green Screen Production

The main live room also has a green screen wall, which could be utilised in your live streams or music videos. It’s also ideal for corporate web videos and product demonstration videos, or photography.


Virtual Corporate Meets

Utilising the green screen, we host newsroom style Zoom meetings for corporate clients who want to add a higher level of production to their virtual meetings, Webinars, or Symposiums. This is fully interactive with the audience, with Production switching between the different aspects of the event.


We have a separate kitchen with inside and outside seating, where the studio dog, cat, or chicken might wander past looking for scraps. There’s a separate dressing/green room, and all importantly we have ample parking, and lorry access. The nearest train station 10 minutes drive away.

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